Zi Ran Bao He takes the win and RMB50,000 investment at Chinaccelerator SOSV sponsored Beijing Tech Hive!

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Zi Ran Bao He takes the win and RMB50,000 investment at Chinaccelerator SOSV sponsored Beijing Tech Hive!

From 6 teams who came together this last weekend at Beijing Tech Hive, Zi Ran Bao He (自然宝盒) — an O2O community for educational parent-child board games — was crowned the victor with RMB50,000 investment from SongYun Capital.  Team lead, Jin Shan, drew the attention of panelists when unveiling a WeChat community bringing together moms with young children to help create, promote and sell interactive and educational board games for children ages 2-6. The team’s WeChat service account has gained more than 2,000 engaged moms since creation less than two months ago. These engaged users not only provide daily feedback on existing games but also collaborate with team developers to create new and innovative games that they themselves would buy! In essence, Bao He is effortlessly building a community of both users and consumers self-motivated to promote and improve the team’s platform… talk about growth hacking!
While Bao He’s traction is clearly impressive, I’m compelled to share the innovation brought to life by the other finalists. Tech Hive’s runner-up, TimeBox, an experienced, multi-national team is aiming to corner the China market for self-storage. Calling themselves the “AirBnB for self-storage,” TimeBox aims to empower users to maximize the value of their extra space while solving a very real problem of limited space and storage for individuals frequently on the move.
Coming in third was Lion Legends, a B2B web and mobile platform connecting quality assured, green-lit film productions from the U.S. with wealthy Chinese investors looking to diversify their portfolio. With more than 35+ years combined experienced in the space and an extensive network behind them, Lion aims to be the first online bridge between Chinese investors and the global film industry.
Chinaccelerator is proud to be a Platinum sponsor of Beijing Tech Hive and look forward connecting with the teams individually. Thanks again to Andy Mok and Red Pagoda Resources for hosting us!

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