Year In Review

As 2016 comes to an end, we want to reflect on not just the big moments here at Chinaccelerator but also the the progression of our big ideas.先看一些数据:First let’s look at some numbers:
– 截止2016年底,中国加速历经10期项目,拥有240名导师,加速了100+公司- Techcrunch数据显示,中国加速的母基金SOSV是全球投资女性创始人比例最高的风投机构- Pitchbook数据显示,SOSV是全球第三活跃的种子VC- SOSV最近宣布再募集1亿5千万美元用于初创项目的投资

– 最近结束的第10期公司的联合创始人来自12个国家

– 中国加速50%的公司拥有女性联合创始人

– 中国加速70%的公司在demo day后成功融资

Alumni News 学员消息

Aylien #Batch1 #NLP驻扎在都柏林的Aylien的自然语言处理技术可以总结大段文本的内容,甚至还可以判断写作者的情绪。Aylien目前在全球拥有1万顾客,包括索尼和World Economic Forum。最近Aylien被Silicon Republic列入“2017年30家值得关注的初创公司”。Headquartered in Dublin, Aylien offers natural language processing and text analysis tools, and now has more than 10,000 customers globally including Sony and the World Economic Forum. It’s listed in “30 Irish tech startups to watch in 2017” by Silicon Republic. 

Bitmex #Batch8 #Bitcoin


在两岁之际,Bitmex的成交累积量达到25亿美元,成为全球顶尖数码货币交易所之一。在2016,Bitmex从来自7个国家的420家创业公司脱颖而出,赢得Tech In Asia创业大赛第一名。

A derivatives trading platform leveraging bitcoin and other crypto currencies, Bitmex is turning two years old and celebrating reaching USD $2.5 billion in cumulative trading volume, making it one of the world’s top digital currency exchanges.

Bitmex won #1 startup in Hong Kong and then went on to win #1 startup in Asia this year at TechInAsia out of 420+ startups from 7 countries, putting Hong Kong on the map in Asia startup land.


Rikai Labs #Batch9 #ChatBot

David ‘DC’ Collier, co-founder of Rikai Labs – chatbots for Wechat – is named one of “100 Bot People to Watch” by Chatbots Magazine.

作为国内chatbot的领军者,Rikai Labs的联合创始人David ‘DC’ Collier被Chatbots Magazine评为“你需要关注的100名Bot领军者”之一。


Rumarocket #Batch6 #AIRumarocket 通过一系列已申请专利的自动化工具(机器学习算法)为企业优化招聘流程,节约时间和金钱。自2016年Q2以来,Rumarocket的客户获取环比增长率达130%。Rumarocket is an AI-driven platform where companies can hire, manage and retain their best talents according to performance, retention and workplace culture. Since Q2 2016 its month-on-month client growth has been 130%. 

Shopal #Batch7 #Retail

小店宝是一个对C的实体生活购物索引平台,对B的CRM管理工具,培训商家自己生产内容、转化客户、搭建用户体系等。2016年10月,小店宝宣布最近完成了千万元A轮融资。领投小店宝pre-A轮的是丰厚投资的合伙人Peter Cheng,他曾共同创办了易传媒(AdChina),并出任腾讯广告平台总经理。

In May 2015, we backed Shopal, a solution provider for offline retailers. Six months later, Shopal raised its pre-A round from Integral Investment Group (丰厚资本), founded by the founder of Didi Dache. In October 2016, Shopal completed a Series A round with Cathay Capital (凯辉资本), Integral Investment Group, and DL Capitals (点亮资本).


Snapask #Batch8 #EduTech

在亚洲拥有15万用户的问功课APP Snapask,正在完成A轮融资。它的两位联合创始人在2016被福布斯评入“30 under 30″。

On-demand homework help for 150K+ students in Asia, Snapask is closing series A round. Its co-founders Timothy Yu and Bradley Chiang won Forbes 30 under 30 2016.

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