Welcome d/lab: Accelerating blockchain technology startups

Excited to announce that Chinaccelerator’s parent fund SOSV partnered with EMURGO to set up the new decentralization and blockchain technology accelerator in New York City.


Below is the press release:

We at SOSV are thrilled to announce d/lab, our new decentralization and blockchain technology accelerator. The new program and venture studio has been developed in partnership with EMURGO, the commercial venture development arm of the Cardano blockchain ecosystem. d/lab will begin in January 2019 in New York City.

Five accepted startups will receive up to $200K in funding, access to our global mentorship network, partner perks and more during the 14-week program. In addition to the accelerator companies, d/lab will be funding five research and development fellowships to bring new innovations to the Cardano blockchain. Applications for the blockchain accelerator and fellowships are being accepted through November 30th.

Read the full press release on the d/lab blog: d/lab + EMURGO: Accelerating Decentralization

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