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After having another impressive cohort of companies graduating from the Chinaccelerator Batch 19 program with an average growth of 300% in only 3 months, applications for Batch 20 are now open!

Batch 20 applications will close at 23:59 (GMT+8) on August 6th. 


Who are we?

Chinaccelerator, Asia’s leading startup development program, is a mentorship-driven program helping enterprise software startups from around the world enter Asia selling to a network of over 200 multinational corporate partners, and global startups enter China and local Chinese startups expand to global markets. 

We are SOSV’s cross-border internet arm. SOSV has $970 million AUM and offers three months of rigorous guidance, training, and resources from mentors, partners, and investors. 

To date, Chinaccelerator has invested in 19 batches, with a total of more than 180 internet startups from all over the world. The robust and supportive alumni network continues beyond the Chinaccelerator program.


What are some of the notable companies that have gone through the program?

We have several companies across different verticals that have gone through the program and achieved huge success.

BitMEX, part of our Batch 8 program, is a fintech unicorn and one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world.

Ushopal, a brand acceleration group helping international brands enter the China market, went through our Batch 7 program. In March, Ushopal raised $100 million in Series D funding.

Snapask, the on-demand tutoring app, was part of our Batch 08 program. In 2020, Snapask raised $35 million in Series B funding to continue their expansion in Southeast Asia.

TravelFlan, an AI-enabled platform that helps companies with massive user bases to sell travel services, raised $7 million in Series A in 2019 to expand to new markets. They work with large multinational companies such as Samsung and China mobile.


What do we offer?


US$150,000 investment – program costs of US$ 45,000, cash investment of US$ 105,000.

3+3 Month program:

We divide the program into two stages: a three-month growth stage and a three-month fundraising stage. At the end of the first three months is Demo Day, where we invite 150+ investors to witness your progress and start the fundraising. After Demo Day, we will support you with follow-on fundraising from outside investors.


Four phases during the program


1:1 support from 450+ mentors from China and around the world, including serial entrepreneurs, senior corporate executives, industry experts, and investors. They are experts in many fields including market entry strategy, growth hacking mobile strategy, investor relations, B2B sales, media/brand strategy, data analysis, products, digital marketing, financial models, IP protection, and more.

Investor connections:

We provide pitch training throughout the entire program, from the elevator pitch to the 6-minute demo day pitch. Demo Day is your opportunity to connect with 150+ global investors from major USD and RMB funds.

Global alumni network:

SOSV’s global alumni network unites over 1000+ founders from 73 countries. All have participated in one of the five SOSV startup development programs. After the program concludes, you remain part of the Chinaccelerator family.


Free co-working space for up to 6 months in the heart of Shanghai.


Every startup in the portfolio has access to perks valued at over $2 million.


Do I have to come to Shanghai to attend the program?

No, you can choose to attend the program virtually.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have run our batches in a hybrid format — both online and offline. The current program has been meticulously designed to bring optimum value to the startups regardless of whether they choose to join the program remotely or in-person in Shanghai.


Who does the Chinaccelerator team constitute?

Once you become part of our batch, you also become part of our community of 450+ mentors, 1000+ startups, 1900+ founders and partners , who guide you towards a data-driven sustainable business, helping you and your team succeed.

From validation to iteration, to fundraising, Chinaccelerator is with you for every step of the journey.

We have an international team. Before becoming General Partner at SOSV and Managing Director at Chinaccelerator & MOX, William Bao Bean served as Managing Director at SingTel Innov8 and Partner at Softbank China & India Holdings. William spent 11 years as an equity research analyst with Deutsche Bank where he was responsible for Internet and Telecom Equipment in Asia and China technology, media, and telecom.

Oscar Ramos, Partner and Managing Director at Chinaccelerator & MOX, is a “full-stack innovator” with expertise ranging from product development to corporate strategy. He has experience as an entrepreneur, management consultant, and early-stage investor. Since 2008 when he moved to China, he has been involved in various dimensions of innovation: product launches, go-to-market strategies, venture capital financing, and M&As.


Left: William Bao Bean; Right: Oscar Ramos

The entire Chinaccelerator team has an international background mirroring the cross-border ambitions of our portfolio companies. We bring a diverse understanding of different markets and business methodologies.

We are the cross-border experts who are committed to helping startups whether they are overseas companies entering the Chinese market, or Chinese companies going global.


What are we looking for?

Chinaccelerator focuses on the internet sector, but we are industry agnostic. Our investment areas include but are not limited to, e-commerce, fintech, data marketing, edtech, healthcare, and entertainment. We tend to invest during the Angel/Seed round or Pre-A round, with fewer investments in Series A and later stages.

We believe in data and real market feedback, so we require a viable product with a certain number of users and clients to apply for our program.

A big focus of our selection process is the team behind the company. Anyone can find a problem. Other entrepreneurs are probably working on the same solution as you. 

But not every team has the capability to effectively implement a solution. We expect that founders should respect the importance of the process and not only focus on results. 

We look for people who will not be discouraged when faced with challenges but perceive them as valuable experiences.

In short, we are looking not only for the best solutions but also for the best entrepreneurs. 


How can I apply?

There are only a few high-quality accelerator programs in Asia, so the application is highly competitive. Chinaccelerator accepts two batches each year, with 10-15 investments per batch.

We usually receive over 1000 applications per batch and have an acceptance rate of less than 2%. 

Therefore, the information that you submit through the application form is important. The Chinaccelerator team will select a small number of companies based on the application information and face-to-face meetings with selected founders. After completing due diligence, we then move to the final decision stage.

What you need to do is to fill out the application form through our official website. There are few spots left for the next program so please apply as soon as possible. We will review the applications very soon after you submit the application.

Batch 20 applications will officially close on August 6th, 2021 (GMT+8).

If you have any questions about the application, please email cateam@chinaccelerator.com with any inquiries. We will try our best to respond to your questions in a timely manner.


Click here to apply for the program.

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