USHOPAL Completes Another $100 Million Round Financing

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USHOPAL, a leading new luxury beauty and new retail group in China, has announced the completion of another $100 million USD round of financing, driving up its investment pool to $200 million USD, aimed to support USHOPAL’s portfolio brands’ rapid growth in China and the Asia Pacific.

The leading investor for this round is FountainVest Partners, a leading private equity firm specialize in global brand investment, which recently acquired the parent company of ARC’TERYX, Amer Sports. Co-investors include Cathay Capital, Zhongyuan Capital, Hengxu Capital, Dazhong Zhongsong Fund, SOSV, and its Shanghai-based accelerator Chinaccelerator.

“China is the #2 in the world for consumer spending and growing extremely fast,” said William Bao Bean, General Partner of SOSV and Managing Director of Chinaccelerator and MOX, “We backed USHOPAL in 2015, wrote the first check into the company, because of their deep technology and data-driven approach to making global brands a success in China.

USHOPAL is uniquely positioned to focus on niche global luxury beauty brands of the highest standards but limited awareness in China.With gross merchandise value (GMV) in 2020 surpassed $200 million USD, a super luxury niche brand portfolio that USHOPAL helps scaled into major new beauty luxury players in China, such as Natura Bisse, Juliette has a gun, Chantecaille, etc.,USHOPAL portfolio mainly covers brands that are only sold at highest end tier retail such as Harrods from the UK, Le Bon Marché from Paris, Neimen Marcus from the US, etc.

Often begin with distribution and commercialization partner, USHOPAL’s more than 2500 Luxury KOL Influencer Tribe fleet, USHOPAL Studio, USHOPAL Branding master team, USHOPAL omni-channel growth team, USHOPAL Tmall retail operation fleet, and Bonnie & Clyde luxury multi-brand brick and motor offline brand store + experience centers, USHOPAL Global Logistics Fleet team, mark the unique omni-branding and growth capabilities USHOPAL provides for its portfolio brands.

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