Unicorn, Fundraising and Growth | 2018 Year in Review

Happy new year! How about your 2018?

2018 was an important year for Chinaccelerator and SOSV. We were expanding and growing while we also met obstacles and challenges. Luckily, we have you together with us through the whole year.

From William Bao Bean, General Partner of SOSV and Managing Director of Chinaccelerator & MOX

2018 was a watershed year for Chinaccelerator and MOX marked by Bitmex becoming the first unicorn to have come through an accelerator program in Asia and making SOSV one of only four groups to have accelerated a billion dollar company (in this case usd3.6bn reportedly). Over the last four years we have backed 120 companies and while not all are still with us the surviving 75 are hitting revenue records and closing bigger and bigger funding rounds. Oscar Ramos, newly minted Managing Director, has made this possible by bringing focus to our team now 24 strong. Special thanks to the 300+ mentors that make what we have achieved possible by sharing their experience and opening their networks. Happy New Year!


From Oscar Ramos, Partner and Managing Director of Chinaccelerator

2018 was a year of accelerator excellence for Chinaccelerator. Even though we had more applications and candidate introductions from our partners than ever, we made the decision to accelerate fewer companies and provide them with more customized support. We are confident that this year we will break our own records in terms of successful fundraising for our startups. In just a few weeks, results are already promising. “Fundraising does not equal success” but it is a good indicator of progress if it is accompanied with customer satisfaction and business results.


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