TechStars Network’s Chinaccelerator Demos 9 Startups in Beijing

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TechStars Network’s Chinaccelerator Demos 9 Startups in Beijing


Oct 17, 2011 – Kira M. Newman for the Beijing Edition

Nine startups took the stage on Monday night at Beijing’s historic Zheng Yi Ci opera house, to showcase their ideas for an audience that included Dave McClure and the Geeks on a Plane crowd.

“Chinaccelerator symbolizes the growing role of China in the global startup ecosystem,” said its founder, Cyril Ebersweiler, in his introduction.

Here is their second graduating class, which includes two education startups and several social platforms:

eProf: An online teaching platform where teachers can hold classes and attract more students using social media, and students can connect with each other to study and practice their skills.

Super Class: An online learning platform that uses music, movies, and video games to engage students, tracks their performance, and helps them connect directly with tutors.

Piktochart: A drag-and-drop tool for turning data into infographic stories.

OrderWithMe: A group buying site that lets small retailers pay wholesale prices at top Chinese manufacturers.

Made to Fit Me: A platform for women to take their garment measurements and order customized dresses, with a focus on beautiful design.

LuRenJia: A location-based dating service based on shared interests and experiences.

Kwestr: A gamified social platform to encourage your friends or your customers to do things, called “kwests.”

iBragu: A social platform for betting on anything.

NextGoals: A wristband that tracks your fitness activities and connects you to a social network for motivation and accountability.

The 4-month Chinaccelerator program takes place in Dalian, a city in northeast China. Startups get free office space and 10,000 CNY (just over $1,500) per founder (up to 3 founders) plus 10,000 CNY for company expenses, in exchange for 4 to 8 percent equity.

This video interview below shares some of Ebersweiler’s comments on the demo day and what it means for China.

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