Startupbootcamp and Chinaccelerator have announced that they are joining forces with IBM to share resources and strengthen the link between startups in Europe and China.

The details of IBM’s involvement with the two programs aren’t exactly clear, but the company does have a history of working with startups. For instance, its SmartCamp events have helped participants bring in over $65 million in venture funding.

“We strongly believe that a closer relationship between startups and large companies can benefit both parties, our collaboration with IBM is proof of that.  This new project will go a long way in helping startups expand to new markets,” Startupbootcamp co-founder Carsten Kølbek said in a statement.

Startupbootcamp has built itself up as a pan-European accelerator and it recently expanded to Israel. It is currently taking applications for its Dublin and Amsterdam programs and has announced 2013 programs in Berlin and Copenhagen.

Chinaccelerator, which graduated its third class of eight startups last month,first announced a working relationship with Startupbootcamp last December. Founder Cyril Ebersweiler serves as a mentor at Startupbootcamp Amsterdam.

Image via Flickr / DVIDSHUB