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Chinaccelerator is excited to announce its newest syndicate with Australian fund Artesian Venture Partners, which will deploy US$2mm across the next 4 Chinaccelerator batches. This means that, including the standard investment amount from our fund SOSV, every incoming portfolio company will receive a minimum* of US$120,000 upon joining the program. Even excluding our Corporate Innovation program, this partnership makes Chinaccelerator the richest accelerator in Asia in terms of capital deployment.


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Meet Artesian

What is a syndicate?

The first China-focused syndicate on AngelList

Chinaccelerator 8X8 Shanghai

Meet Artesian

Artesian Venture Partners is a venture capital firm from Australia with US$255M AUM across 3 funds.

When sourcing companies, Artesian employs a platform model, starting with a pre-screened funnel from which it subsequently concentrates its later stage investments. In addition to working with accelerators based on industry and technology focus, Artesian’s partner accelerators  pre-screen over 2,000 startups each year. Artesian’s investment scope is generally agnostic with specific focus on Agtech, Medtech and Clean tech. In 2014, Artesian also established VentureCrowd, Australia’s leading equity crowdfunding platform.

The local China team is led by Managing Partner Felix Zhang. China-focused portfolio companies include Dr. Panda, iTalki, Tradesparq, Rechaos and Dyad.

“Chinaccelerator has done a great job as one of the best accelerators in Asia for the past 9 years driven by their experienced management team and 290 mentors. And they are also the only accelerator in Asia to have an unicorn – BitMEX through their program. We have chosen to invest with Chinaccelerator based on their track record and position on the cutting edge of the biggest new trend in China – cross border expansion. We believe the startups that go through the Chinaccelerator program are strong innovators and the ecosystem SOSV has built gives them an advantage in the marketplace.”                                                                       

Felix Zhang, Artesian Managing Partner

Artesian’s cross-border experience and wide network across the APAC region could be very helpful for startups scaling from China looking into Australia or SEA.

— Oscar Ramos, Chinaccelerator Partner & Program Director

What is a syndicate?

In general, a syndicate is an investment vehicle between a group of investors participating in a funding round under a single investment. The lead investor will source the investment, typically – but not always – put down the most money, negotiate favorable terms, and be responsible for the due diligence process. This process is efficient and beneficial for both investors and entrepreneurs, as it cuts down on the coordination of aligning various parties while simultaneously bringing onboard various stakeholders and investment expertise.

Strong investment partners are key to driving world changing innovation.  No fund can do it alone and I’m proud to have had Artesian by my side the last five years working to help entrepreneurs scale beyond startup.”

— William Bao Bean, Chinaccelerator Managing Director, SOSV General Partner


The first China-focused syndicate on AngelList

Syndicates are not new to Chinaccelerator. Previous partners have included DL capital, Triumph and OMD. The latest addition since Artesian was the Haitao Capital @Chinaccelerator Syndicate, which launched in November 2017 on AngelList as the first China-focused investment syndicate on platform. AngelList is an angel investment online community whose syndicates have raised over US$750 million for more than 2,075 startups.

Chinaccelerator 8X8 Shanghai, Geoffrey Handley as one of the speakers

Geoffrey Handley, Haitao Capital’s Founding General Partner and Chinaccelerator Expert-in-Residence invests on average 2 Chinaccelerator companies from every batch. For the most recent round, Haitao Capital@Chinaccelerator Syndicate has raised over US$300,000 for Batch 10 company The CareVoice.

Moving forward, Chinaccelerator is exploring other syndicates with varying industry focus, such as in blockchain and healthcare.

*Companies domiciled in the People’s Republic of China may not be eligible for cash investment from Artesian 


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