Recap: 2017 Highlights of the Most Active VC Accelerator in Asia

It’s been a great year for Chinaccelerator!

– Partnered with Haitao Capital to launch China’s first AngelList syndicate.

– Collaborated with 30+ corporates and successfully launched 3 pilot accelerators.

– A network with 290+ mentors and 230+ global partners.

We always try our best to provide the best for our entrepreneurs with the most collaborative community, massive mentor network, international perspectives and in depth China market analysis.

2018, join us to maximize your potential!

– 2017,中国加速联合海涛资本一同发布了中国第一家AngelList联合投资,我们即将成为中国最富裕的加速器
– 截止2017,,中国加速已经和超过30家跨国企业合作,并成功联合发布了3家试验加速器
– 截止2017,中国加速的导师资源超过290名,全球合作伙伴超过230多

Chinaccelerator 2017 in Numbers 中国加速2017数据地图

Mentors 导师

Partners 合作伙伴

Corporate Innovation Program 企业创新项目

Alumni News 创业团队

AYLIEN #Batch 1 #Machine Learning #第一期 #人工智能 #机器学习
AYLIEN is an Artificial Intelligence company focused on creating novel Text and Image Analysis technologies and solutions. They received investment of €2M in 2017.

Snapask #Batch 8 #Education #第八期 #在线教育
On-demand homework help for 350K+ students in Asia with 20K+ tutors. Snapask raised $5 million in a pre-Series A round from venture capital firms from Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Robin8 #Batch 8 #KOL #AI #第八期 #人工智能 #网红营销
As a data-driven influencer platform, Robin 8 uses AI, Machine Learning and big data to take the guesswork out of social and content marketing.Robin 8 acquired HK-based influencer platform Launchpilots in Oct, 2017 and closed the first SOSV ICO with USD 20M raise.

MEXBT #Batch 9 #Blockchain #第九期 #区块链 #比特币
MEXBT was featured in Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies by Richtopia. Powered by blockchain technology, MEXBT is a cross border remittance platform connecting the developing countries.

Property Passbook #Batch 9 #Real Estate #第九期 #房地产
Property Passbook sold over USD 15 million in property in 2017 and was featured on Forbes, BBC and Wall Street Journal. Property Passbook empowers individuals to independently invest, manage and make money from global real estate on a B2C platform.
Property Passbook金房本在2017售卖产业超过150万美元,并且被福布斯、BBC和华尔街日报等竞相报道。用户可在Property Passbook平台上,独立投资、管理全球房产事业并从中盈利。

The CareVoice #Batch 10 #Healthcare #第十期 #健康医疗
The CareVoice won the vice champion at 1st La French Tech contest during CCE Mondial and was awarded Best Expats Startup by TechNode ChinaBang 2017! Recently, The CareVoice raised 2M USD for the pre-A round.
康语The CareVoice获得了由TechCrunch中国颁发的“2017最佳外籍创业公司”,并由The Digital Insurer授予了“亚洲保险科技创业大奖赛”第二名荣誉。2017年底,康语成功融资pre-A轮200万美元

QLC #Batch 11 #Remote Internship #第十一期 #远程实习/工作
With over 900 companies signed up with 12K users, the remote internship platform QLC closed Series Seed round from investors include 500 Startups, SOSV, and Artesian Invest.
QLC是一个远程实习与工作平台,与超过900家公司合作,超过12,000名学生注册。最近,其完成了种子轮的投资,获得了包括500 Startups,SOSV以及Artesian Invest的投资。

AllSome #Batch 11 #Cross-border Logistics #第十一期 #跨境物流 #东南亚
AllSome is a cross border commerce and logistic platform for Southeast Asia, which processed 735K+ cross-border packages in 2017 and won Top 1 OTEC Malaysia. Also, they got featured to share their business innovation on BBC News.

Mobio Interactive #Batch 12 #Meditation #第十二期 #正念冥想
Mobio Interactive develops digital therapeutics and performance enhancement tools. The company was featured on Forbes and Co-founder Mark Thoburn was recognised by The Ontario Brain Institute as a leading Canadian Neurotech entrepreneur.
Mobio Interactive致力于发展数字疗法和提高表现工具。2017年,Mobio被Forbes报道,联合创始人Mark Thoburn被加拿大安大略省脑科研究院评委领先的加拿大神经科学技术创业者。

Portier Technologies #Batch 12 #Travel #第十二期 #旅行
Portier won the top 6 finalist at Slush Shanghai 2017 Competition. Portier provides hotels with smartphones for guests to use while at the hotel that increase hotel revenue per guest by promoting hotel products and services.

Forbes China 30 Under 30 福布斯“30位30岁以下精英”
5 of our founders from 4 startups were selected Forbes China 30 under 30 in 2017.

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