Jianghu 江湖电子竞技俱乐部

Jianghu utilizes a data-driven training system to create, manage, market, and monetize professional Esports teams across multiple games. Jianghu has created 5 teams, developed and traded over 50+ [...]


Coffee Exchange expedites the process of coffee trading by removing up to eight middlemen, rendering higher revenue to farmers and lower costs to roasters. Coffee [...]


Yem is a cloud platform that empowers employees across departments to create, submit, and execute quality ideas. An internal incubator for employee ideas, Yem also helps corporations innovate, [...]


CAPSL is a gaming platform for esports organisers to create and publish online tournaments, enabling gaming fans to watch and compete across thousands of mobile and PC titles, securely and [...]


Airbnb for pets, Spare Leash provides a marketplace for various trusted and verified cat and dog services, including 100% cage-free house sitting. Spare [...]


Portfolio.io allows crypto-enthusiasts to set up a portfolio in less than 1 minute. Portfolio.io saves you money by finding the best exchange for each trade, and makes you money through automatic [...]


Miro’s computer vision AI analyzes the human body in motion and delivers one-of-a-kind insights for the sports and fitness industry. Miro的计算机视觉人工智能技术能够分析运动中的人体数据,为体育和健身行业提供独一无二的数据洞见。


Cartesi is an open-source technology allowing developers to create complex and scalable blockchain applications using familiar programming languages and libraries. Cartesi bridges real world [...]


Vibe is an app where students can share photos and videos to their campus streams. Streams are customized to each school’s groups, hang out spots, and topics. Vibe users can express themselves [...]