Batch IV

Splitforce is A/B testing mobile apps. Splitforce makes delightful apps earn more revenue through testing and optimization. In 2013, the world downloaded 70 million mobile apps that generated $26 billion in revenue. Mobile is everywhere, and an indispensable tool to engage and build loyalty among customers. The problem is customers are picky and impatient. With just one tap or swipe, mobile makes it easy for them to go elsewhere when they get impatient or frustrated.

So how do you get it right? By listening to users, and they’re talking to us everyday – through data.

Obama’s presidential campaign raised an additional $60 million in donations by A/B testing the campaign’s website landing page. A/B testing for websites is great, but for release-software where new code can’t be pushed everyday it requires a new approach. Splitforce is an A/B testing framework for apps built using native iOS, Android and the Unity game development engine.

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