Batch XI, Companies

China has the lowest online advertisement engagement in the world. Yet even as people block ads, they also look for brands to explore. To make ads exciting and beneficial, Lihaoma turns advertising into entertainment through engaging online games. We have 10 times more engagement/ROI than a classic online ad. We already work with more than 300 brands such as Budweiser and Dunkin Donuts.

中国是世界上线上广告参与度最低的国家。人们屏蔽广告,却又希望能够了解品牌。为了让广告更令人兴奋并能为用户带来实在的好处,礼好吗在广告中植入在线游戏,把广告变成了娱乐。我们比传统在线广告的用户参与度高出10倍。我们已经和包括百威、Dunkin Dunuts在内的300多个品牌合作过。

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