Batch VII

GeiLi Giving: unlocking the giving potential of China. China is right at the top of most economic rankings, and yet it ranks at number 128 of 131 countries in the 2014 World Giving Index. However, this isn’t because Chinese people aren’t a giving people, the scandals around charities and the last century of social upheaval have resulted in a distinct lack of trust. GeiLi Giving solves this problem by utilizing the awesome power of WeChat to connect the more than 600 million users with pre-vetted projects at historically transparent NGOs through socially-engaging, gamified donation campaigns. As a social enterprise that connects NGOs, CSR funds and Chinese media, we take 5% of funds raised as a management fee; significantly less than traditional fundraising organizations, which take 35-55%. GeiLi Giving allows for corporations to get more exposure and more impact for their social funds, and empowers average people to engage in their communities with the ease of pressing a button. Zhen Gei Li.

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