Batch XI

eFanswer rethinks the way fans relate to celebrities in a global and scalable way by using crowd writing through an innovative Q&A platform. Celebrities’ stories are told through 500 voices to create the contents of their first Social Biography. This “living community” allows celebrities and fans to, together, create unique and interactive editorial content and reduce the distance between both parties.

eFanswer通过“集体创作(Crowd Writing)”的方式,重新定义世界范围内明星与粉丝群体间的关系。经由一个原创性问答平台,超过500名粉丝/路人的在线互动将构成明星的第一部社交传记。这由粉丝与明星组成的活跃线上社群,共同创作具有互动性的独家内容的同时,也能拉近明星与粉丝群体的距离。

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