Batch XI

For the common person, Mixed Reality (MR) is not accessible. Yet, with the the Clever Robot Labs platform, anyone can easily create their own MR experiences instantly on their smartphone or mobile headset…transforming the real world around them into anything they desire.  Create shareable experiences with unlimited interactivity and endless possibilities.

对于普通人来说,混合现实(Mixed Reality)的创作是不可及的。Clever Robot Labs提供了一个开放的平台,让每个智能手机或头戴设备的用户,都能够轻易创作属于自己的混合现实体验。眼前的现实世界经由设备屏幕,便能即刻虚拟为创作者想象中的场景。一个具备无限交互性与无穷可能性的可共享体验创作时代即将到来。

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