Batch III

Appfuel is a unified SDK for user acquisition, monetization, and real-time performance analytics.”We know how difficult and expensive it can be to grow your apps’ audience. We also know how difficult it can be to transition that momentum into a solid revenue source. At Appfuel, we decided to boil this process down to its core elements and build a visual and intuitive tool for you, the soon-to-be-delighted developer. So simple, your unpaid intern could use it.”Never switch networks again. Growth can cause growing pains as your needs change – Appfuel is designed from the start to grow as you grow, and can meet your needs throughout your journey to the top of the charts. Free users, free ad revenue, and everything in between, along with a dash of real-time analytics to really educate your app management. If a huge burst of exposure is in your budget, get even more users with our paid booster pack options.

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