Pfizer is committed to bring breakthrough and life-changing innovation to patients that may change their lives, and has always fulfilled its commitment to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a healthier life. Pfizer will continue to promote revolutionary innovation inscience, accelerate the development of breakthrough therapies and bring life-saving medicines and vaccines to the market. Adhering to its global strategy, Pfizer China forms a strategic alliance with Chinaccelerator in the launch of a large-scale open innovation challenge for Pfizer Vaccine. Together, the two partners will explore and develop novel and effective digital solutions with the start-ups around the world and maximize the power of innovation!




1. Gathered resources and guidance from one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and one of Asia’s leading start-up accelerators.
2. Extensive involvement in digital innovation and transformation in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries.
3. Insights into three key challenges of Vaccine and accelerate solution creation.
4. Application of leading entrepreneurial methodologies v and connection with digital ecosystems globally.

1 凝聚全球顶尖医药企业和创业加速器的资源和指导
2 深度参与医药健康行业数字化创新变革进程
3 洞察疫苗领域三大挑战,加速解决方案塑造
4 协同领先创业方法论和海内外数字化生态社群



1. Digital solution but industry-, vertical- and geography-agnostic
2. Funding stage of Pre-A or later
3. Established team, relatively developed solution and feasible
for implementation and commercialization
4. Proven market-relevant knowledge, technology and operating
experience in or for China
5. Strong track record and credibility of the business and its
key personnel
6. Experience of working with large corporates or investment
organizations is a plus!

1. 数字化解决方案但不限行业、领域或地理位置
2. 融资阶段在Pre-A及之后
3. 团队、产品或方案相对成熟,拥有商业化落地能力
4. 针对中国市场的认知、技术和实操经验
5. 企业需具备良好的信誉
6. 有与大企业或投资机构的合作经验可加分



Enhance public awareness of immunization and disease prevention

Explore novel ways to provide quality vaccination services to new parents

Improve capabilities of disease prevention and control and disseminating public health information



1. Opportunity to co-create real digital solutions
with Pfizer and Chinaccelerator
2. Specialist advice and guidance from Chinaccelerator
on matters relating, but not limited to, business,
strategy and entrepreneurship
3. Funding for Pilot Accelerator Program
4. Potential fast track to future project incubation
and commercial collaboration with Pfizer

1. 与辉瑞和中国加速共创数字化解决方案
2. 获得加速器有关商业、策略和创业等的专业指导
3. 加速项目获批后的资金支持
4. 创造未来与辉瑞共同孵化更多项目及商业合作的捷径




DEADLINE MAY 14th, 2021

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