Xiaomi’s Head of India Investment Shirley Mao: Opportunities, Growth, Timing, and Funding in India

Head of India Investment at Xiaomi Shirley Mao talked at Chinaccelerator 8X8 Event

This is an edited summary of an 8-min talk given by Shirley Mao, Head of India Investment at Xiaomi, during Chinaccelerator’s 8X8 Speakers Series event in September 2019. The views expressed by Shirley are her own and not related to Xiaomi Corporation.

  • There are business opportunities in India but you need to be careful with your angle;
  • Make brave decisions and you might see growth;
  • It is always good to follow a trend rather than testing the market by yourself alone;
  • Talk to the local people and you will find good timing.

Shirley’s India Journey

I’ve been based and investing in India for three years. India is getting hot and going global is a pretty popular topic now, so I want to open this talk by sharing how I started my journey in India.

Is India still a blue ocean?

  • YouTube has over 200 million users there;
  • Facebook has been there for a long time.

How to achieve growth?

Finding the Right Timing

Is it Easy to Fundraise in India?

Editor’s Note:

The Boom in Vernacular Content

Flickstree co-founders Saurabh Singh, Rahul Jain, and Nagender Sangra.

Are There Other opportunities in India?

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