We help leading global internet startups enter China and help local Chinese startups expand to global markets.


US$150,000 Investment.Our fund SOSV takes 6% common equity for the accelerator program through a Stock Purchase Agreement (SPA). At the same time but separately we invest through a convertible instrument called an Accelerator Contract for Equity (ACE) similar to a SAFE. Of this US$100,000, US$40,000 is attributed to the cost of the program, which we pay on the startup’s behalf for joining the accelerator. The remaining US$60,000 is cash investment from SOSV. In addition, most companies will qualify for an additional US $50,000 ACE on the same terms from Chinaccelerator’s syndicate partner taking the total investment to US$150,000 with service component US$40,000 and cash component of US$110,000*.

*Companies domiciled in the People’s Republic of China may not be eligible for cash investment from Chinaccelerator’s syndicate partner.


3+3 months program

Startup founders, but not their entire teams, are required to relocate to Shanghai for the first 3 months of the program. The program is completely bespoke for every startup – there are no classes. Chinaccelerator only requires founders to be present twice a week.

After the first 3 months, companies can choose to stay in the Chinaccelerator office where the team continues to provide close business development and fundraising support. Key program events include Geeks On a Train (GOAT), 8×8 speaker series, and an invitation-only demo day for investors.


1:1 support from 290+ mentors

Startups get 1:1 support and advice from our fantastic mentor network. Of these mentors, Chinaccelerator also has 8 Experts-in-Residence (EIRs) that provide deep expertise across growth hacking, product, team management, strategic positioning and branding, financial modeling, accounting, and fundraising.


We provide free co-working space up to 6 months at People Squared near Jing’an Temple, the heart of Shanghai. People Squared is China’s largest co-working space.


Every startup, past and present, has access to perks valued close to $2,160,000. This access provided through the Global Accelerator Network, SOSV Community or directly negotiated by the Chinaccelerator team. We also organize weekly workshops.


  • MONTH 0

    On-boarding: get ready to rock from Day 1

  • MONTH 1

    GOAT & adjust product and market fit through rapid iteration

  • MONTH 2

    User acquisition through AB testing across multiple channels

  • MONTH 3

    Build traction and prepare for demo day and fundraising

  • MONTH 4+

    Continuous support on fundraising and access to an alumni network of 680 startups worldwide

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