Sep 23 – Chinaccelerator Daily Digest: Five Headlines you need to know 

1. SOSV is building a $50 million New Jersey HAX facility for industrial, healthcare and climate startups. Techcrunch

2. Nine charts that show who’s winning the U.S.-China tech race. The Washington Post

3. Polly Polymer, an SLA 3D printing startup in China, raised $15.5M in Series A+. Its smart plant in Anhui is going to be a “dark factory” — no lighting and completely unmanned. AM Chronicle

4. Hai Robotics picks up $200M for its warehouse robot. Techcrunch

5. Evergrande fallout could be worse than Lehman for China. Crisis at property developer ‘symptomatic’ of broader woes in world’s biggest emerging market, says short seller. Financial Times . 

Job of the day 
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