Sep 17 – Chinaccelerator Daily Digest: Five Headlines you need to know 

1. SoftBank leads $200 million D round in Chinese service robot startup Keenon. Its food delivery robots ranked first in the 4.6 trillion yuan catering market, with a global market share of over 80%. Pandaily

2. Elsewhere, food-delivery robot maker PuduTech raises $78 million in Series C2 funding from investors including Meituan, Shenzhen Investment Holdings, and Sequoia China. Technode

3. Investors bet China’s cosmetic surgery industry is next on regulators’ hit list. Shares of top companies fall more than a third amid Beijing’s criticism of “appearance anxiety.” Financial Times

4. Alibaba consolidates community group buying operations under new Taocaicai brand. Taocaicai is expected to offer over 1M products from around the world. SCMP

5. Vivo OriginOS awarded CTTL’s first five-star certificate for personal information protection. Pandaily

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