Oct 27 – Chinaccelerator Daily Digest: Five Headlines you need to know 


1. China launches world’s fastest programmable quantum computers. The Zuchongzhi 2 has a calculation complexity over 1 million times higher than Google’s Sycamore processor. A second light-based machine takes 1 millisecond to perform a task that would take a conventional computer 30 trillion years. SCMP

2. Jack Ma visits Dutch research institutes, pursues post-retirement passion in agritech. SCMP

3. Didi’s ride-hailing rival T3 raises $1.2 billion to expand. Reuters

4. Self-driving startup QCraft launches the country’s first 5G-based ride-share driverless bus. Pandaily

5. Next Generation, provider of virtual avatars, raises $5 million Series A led by gaming giant NetEase. Technode

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