Oct 19 – Chinaccelerator Daily Digest: Five Headlines you need to know 


1. Huawei and SERES to launch second cooperative smart car. Its early planning, design, marketing, and sales will be completely led by Huawei and will adopt a complete set of Huawei smart car solutions. Pandaily 

2. Alibaba Cloud releases first cloud computer for designers, equipped with touch screen and stylus for painting. “Through cloud computing, this device can deliver an infinite amount of computing power,” said Alibaba. Pandaily

3. Alibaba launches fast-fashion shopping site allyLikes for overseas shoppers in an attempt to rival Chinese shopping site Shein. SCMP

4. Tencent to establish independent oversight board to protect its users’ private data, the first of China’s major tech companies to create a board of this kind. KrAsia

5. WeRide unveils new sensor hardware for autonomous vehicles. The hardware will come with two lidar sensors and can view objects up to 300 meters away. WeRide statement, in Chinese

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