Oct 14 – Chinaccelerator Daily Digest: Five Headlines you need to know 


1. Apple, Intel, and Nvidia suppliers halt production in China due to mandated power shutdowns. Tom’s Hardware 

2. China is cutting its tech giants down to size. Should the west learn from this? So far the only outcomes of antitrust prosecution in the west have been whopping fines (small change for tech giants) and years of interminable legal processes, argues The Guardian

3. Xiaohongshu, or Little Red Book, is weighing a Hong Kong IPO to raise at least US$500 million, after putting its US listing plans on hold. Business Times

4. Chinese private launch company Deep Blue Aerospace completed a 100-meter level launch and landing test. Space News

5. Mercedes-Benz is doubling down on bases in Beijing and Shanghai to stay ahead of regulations and consumer trends in a car market that outstrips the United States and Germany combined. The Daily Star

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