Oct 12 – Chinaccelerator Daily Digest: Five Headlines you need to know 

1. Bioengineer Luhan Yang, chief executive of Qihan Biotech, aims to enable the first pig-to-human organ transplant: “We use CRISPR gene-editing technology to modify pig organs for use in human transplants, a process known as xenotransplantation, as well as to modify cells for use in cancer immunotherapy.” Currently cell therapies cost $500,000 per dose. Qihan aims to make the whole process more scalable and vastly less expensive. Nature

2. Huawei officially approved to produce medical devices. Pandaily

3. Biotech company LianBio files for IPO, plans for Nasdaq listing. It has a pipeline of 9 products in 5 therapeutic areas. MarketWatch

4.  China’s mainstream video platforms cancel option to fast track episodes. Members need to pay an extra 3 yuan per episode in order to unlock content in advance. Pandaily

5. McDonald’s China launches NFT named Big Mac Cube, plans to ramp up restaurant openings to 500 new outlets per year by 2022. SCMP

Job of the day 

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