Jan 7 . Chinaccelerator Daily Digest, the five headlines you need to know 

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1. Corporate Investment, AR | ByteDance Invests in AR Technology fashion brand and virtual IP Li Weike. Pandaily

2. New Release, CES | Chinese electronics Company TCL Releases Two New Smart Glasses at CES. Pandaily

3. Corporate, Alibaba, E-commerce | Alibaba fully connects online marketplaces Taobao and Tmall, establishing “China Digital Business Sector”. Pandaily

4. Investment, Unicorn, AI | AI startup Fractal becomes unicorn with $360 million investment from TPG. TechCrunch

5. Corporate, TikTok, Video Platforms | TikTok taps Atmosphere to bring TikTok videos to out of home screens in commercial venues for the first time. TechCrunch

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