Jan 18. Chinaccelerator Daily Digest, the trending headlines you need to know 

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1. Acquisition, Series A, Entertainment | ByteDance acquires two new entertainment companies, a ticketing platform Yingtuobang and an online comics service Yizhikan Comics. TechNode


2. Investment, Series A, Social Commerce | Focused on smaller cities, Vietnamese social commerce startup Mio raises $8M Series A. TechCrunch


3. Investment, Pre-Seed, Software | Nigerian restaurant management platform Orda, formerly known as StarKitchens gets $1.1M, wants to be the Toast of Africa. TechCrunch


4. Automotive, Climate, Carbon Neutrality | Caocao Mobility Plans Carbon Neutral Operations in 2023, Net Zero in 2035. Pandaily


5. Investment, Agritech | India’s Arya raises $60 million to provide farmers with finance and post-harvest services. TechCrunch


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