Jan 12. Chinaccelerator Daily Digest, the trending events and headlines you need to know 

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Trending tech event and news you want to attend and read


1.  MOX HAPPY HOUR | Join a fireside chat ‘Boots on the Ground’ to takeaway how the world’s most iconic companies went from 0 to 1. Apply Now

2. Investment, A-Round, SaaS | Supply chain SaaS provider LinkMore completes $30 Million A+ round of financing. Pandaily

3. Corporate, Investment, Pre-C, NEVs | Xpeng Motors invests in lidar company Zvision to bolster self-driving tech. Technode

4. Investment, A-Round, Chip | Sxsaw Secures $15.7 million in round A+ Financing. Pandaily

5. Investment, A-Round, AIoT chip | Nano-Core Chip receives tens of millions of Yuan in Pre-A round of financing. Pandaily


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