1. Delivery platform Meituan is testing “Fanxiaoquan,” a social feature similar to WeChat’s Moments. Users can comment and like posts, access merchants’ shops through posts, and place similar orders. Technode

  2. (Video) Three Chinese astronauts, or #taikonauts, have been on board the Tiangong space station for about two months. Watch how they live in China’s space station. Besides constructing the space station, 14 experiment programs will be completed by the Shenzhou-12 crew. CGTN, 60s.

  3. Bilibili hit a record of 65M DAUs, becomes China’s 3rd largest long-form video site. Initially serving fans of animation, comics, and gaming, Bilibili has diversified its content, investing in TV, films and documentaries. Its DAUs still lag behind short-video rivals Douyin (TikTok’s Chinese version) and Kuaishou, which recorded 580M in Feb 2021. Technode

  4. TikTok Shop is being tested in the UK, allows creators and online merchants to sell through the TikTok app. Previously, the #socialcommerce feature has been tested in Indonesia and Europe, estimated to complete $185B in transactions by 2022. Pandaily

  5. Automaker BYD completes Finland’s largest electric bus order of 119 eBuses for Nobina, a major public transport provider in the Nordic region. BYD sold 9,125 electric buses worldwide last year, making it the second-largest electric bus maker; its competitor Yutong took the top spot with 15,940 units. BYD Statement


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