1. Google to acknowledge privacy mistakes as U.S. seeks input

2. Qualcomm accuses Apple of stealing its secrets to help Intel

3. Google to allow certain cryptocurrency ads in U.S., Japan

4. Uber launches 24/7 phone support in Britain

5. SurveyMonkey prices above range at $12 per share



1. China’s 2018 Online Audio Player User Base to Reach 300 Mln

2. Qutoutiao Announces Full Exercise of Over-allotment Option in IPO

3. Ant Financial Leads Series A3 Funding of Men’s Online Customized Outfitter Champzee 垂衣

4. iFlytek Accused of Crediting AI Software for Translations Done by Humans

5. Smart Electric Scooter Maker Niu Files for USD 150 Mln U.S. IPO

6. Baidu Joins USD 5 Mln Seed Funding of U.S. Driverless Vehicle Sensor Startup Lunewave

7. Alibaba Cloud, NeuVector Ally to Secure Kubernetes Containers

8. O2O Shop Discovery App Shopal Secures RMB 200 Mln Series B+

9. Miniso to Integrate 800 Mainland China Stores into JD Daojia

10. Red Envelope Advertising Service ‘Hongtu App’ 红图 Wins RMB 20 Mln Series A

11. AI-based Video Solutions Firm Moviebook 影谱科技 Raises RMB 200 Mln Series D+

12. AI-based Picture and Video Solution Provider Imperial Vision 帝视科技 Wins RMB 8-digit Series A



Microsoft Spearheads Medical AI Collaboration in China


Emerging Market:

1. Singapore foodtech startup Alchemy FoodTech raises 7-figure funding to fight diabetes

2. Singapore-based digital health and data analytics startup Holmusk raises US$9.75M pre-Series A by Heritas Venture Fund

3. Cradle Fund invests in Malaysian international shipping startup Yellow Porter

4. OYO, the Indian company that has built a network of budget hotels, raises US$1 Billion lead by Softbank


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