1. Apple will no longer use Intel’s 5G chips for their mobile devices in 2020. 
  2. Samsung granted a patent for 3D face recognition. 
  3. Netflix tests new price increase strategy for an “Ultra” subscription plan. 


  1. Baidu releases in-app applet function. 
  2. Tencent, Geely, and China Railway Investment Co. jointly establish 国铁吉讯公司 Guotie Jixun Company to provide travel services including wifi, entertainment, news, online ordering, and more. 
  3. Alibaba cooperates with 饿了么 Ele.me Inc. to jointly operate nearly 10,000 Tmall stores. 
  4. The total sales of 天猫精灵 Tmall Genie smart speakers has exceeded over 5M units. 
  5. Mobike now lets users rent a bike directly on Meituan’s everything-app; costumer deposits come to an end in China. 
  6. Hong Kong-based Campfire, co-working network, raises $18M series A to plan global expansion. 
  7. AI technology corporation 物灵 raises RMB 150M pre-A financing round. 
  8. Kyligence, data warehouse platform, raises $15M series B. 



  1. Bittrex and invest.com to partner on new cypto trading platform. 
  2. IBM signs $740M deal with Australian govt. to use blockchain for data security. 

Emerging Market:

  1. Singapore’s regulations rule that Uber’s sale of its SEA business to Grab infringes competition laws. 
  2. HungerBox, India-based food ordering platform for companies, raises $4.5M series A led by Neoplux and Sabre Partners. 
  3. Indonesian on-demand car repair platform Montir raises series A funding from East Ventures. 

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