1. IBM trials blockchain platform aimed at banks

2. Uber’s self-driving trucks division is dead, long live Uber self-driving cars

3. Google gives Chrome the virtual reality treatment

4. Spotify’s music industry liaison Troy Carter to depart



1. Ofo Denies Reports that Negotiations for Acquisition by Didi Chuxing Nearing End

2. Sohu.com Reports Q2 2018 Loss of USD 48 Mln

3. Alipay’s mini program is going to be launched this week.

4. Netease will launch their first sportswear brand Yessing

5. Tencent bans thousands of WeChat accounts for peddling fake stock tips

5. College Student Housing Rental App Qianyu Islands Completes Pre-Series B

6. Mobile Fitness Course Booking Platform ‘Shape’ Wins RMB 8-digit Pre-A Funding

7. Mobile Pet Health Insurance Platform Pet City 宠物之城 Completes RMB 5 Mln Pre-A Funding

8. IoT Chip and Smart Electric Meter Developer PowerBee 蜂电 Wins RMB 60 Mln Series A+

9. VP Headset Provider Pico (北京小鸟看看科技) closed RMB 167.5 million in Series A



1. Bytedance Launches Social Networking App ‘Helo’ in India

2. Tesla Explores Building Major Factory in Europe



1. Intelligent Blockchain Operating System Ultrain Wins USD 20 Mln Series A



1. Nokia has signed a USD 3.5 billion multi-year 5G network agreement with T-Mobile

2. Samsung Electronics posted its slowest quarterly profit growth in more than a year due in part to weak sales of its Galaxy S9 smartphones


Emerging Market:

1. India looking to compel e-commerce, social media firms to store data locally

2. Philippines-based WiFi advertising startup Social Light raises US$470K to bring WiFi advertising to the Philippines, Singapore and more


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