1. U.S. Airports Will Use AI To Scan 97% Of Passengers’ Faces Within 4 Years

2. Alphabet’s Wing becomes first drone delivery firm to win FAA approval in the US

3. How Facebook Penalty Would Stack Up Against Past Corporate Fines

4. 41% of voice assistant users have concerns about trust and privacy, Microsoft report finds

5. Airbnb wants to create TV shows to convince people to travel more

6. Venmo has 40 million users, PayPal reveals for first time

7. Microsoft’s Market Cap Hits $1 Trillion On Azure, Windows Sales Growth

8. AV8 Ventures launches with $170M to invest in digital health, mobility and enterprise tech

9. Mint founder Aaron Patzer launches Vital, an ER management tool that integrates with electronic health records

10. Selina raises $100M at an $850M valuation for its network of living spaces for digital nomads

11. MongoDB to acquire open-source mobile database Realm for $39 million

12. VDOO secures $32M for a platform that uses AI to detect and fix vulnerabilities on IoT devices

13. Vue.ai raises $17M to equip online retailers with AI smarts

14. Embrace raises $4.5M for its mobile application performance management platform

15. Scientists Create Speech From Brain Signals By Using A Virtual Prosthetic Voice

16. Pharos AR lets you interact with a holographic Childish Gambino



1. A guide to China’s post-00 market: 19% of youth in first tier cities had RMB 1000-2000 to play with

2. China on track to officially ban ‘deepfakes’ with the revised Civil Code

3. Chinese tech major ByteDance invests in talent agency Mountain Top

4. QQ released a stand-alone video streaming product Kandian Video 看点视频

5. Online healthcare platform Tencent Trusted Doctorwork raises $250 million

6. Hellobike 哈啰顺风车 invested 500m yuan to establish Shunfeng Green Travel Fund 顺风绿色出行基金

7. Coffee Box 连咖啡 completed 206m yuan financing, has returned to profitability



1. Indian court lifts ban on TikTok in India

2. UK gives Huawei an amber light to supply 5G

3. Five of YouTube’s biggest markets in the world are in Asia – India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam

4. Huawei to Open Its First Global Public 5G Lab in South Korea

5. Beijing-based Hosen Capital targets $1b fund for Asia food acquisitions

6. Didi’s taxi-hailing JV is expanding to 13 cities in Japan

7. Drone delivery startup Zipline launches UAV medical program in Ghana

8. South Korean media company invests in streaming service iflix



1. Pinterest employee #1 launches blockchain art market MakersPlace


Emerging Market:

1. AI sales assistant Saleswhale raises US$5.3M Series A round led by Monk’s Hill

2. Lifetrack Medical Systems raises US$5.2M in Series A to bring radiology to remote areas


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