1. Silicon Valley’s Most and Least Diverse Venture Capital Firms

2. Debut of ‘UFO’ ETF gives investors another way to invest in the growing space industry

3. Netflix to open a production hub in New York and invest up to $100 million in the city

4. Agorize, leading online platform for Open Innovation challenges, raises US$ 14.6 million to step up international growth

5. Nintendo gets nearly a quarter of gaming’s 1.5 million TV ad impressions between March 16 and April 15

6. Fastly, the content delivery network, files for an IPOs

7. Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs is developing visual cues to indicate when their tech is monitoring you

8. MyndVR improves its VR platform for the elderly



1. China’s press and publication regulator releases new rules on game approvals

2. China’s AI research has grown its global impact but lags US, Europe: report

3. Tencent, Vivo, Qualcomm to build AI team for ‘Honour of Kings’

4. Baidu reportedly seeks to revive music business with a music app, talent shows

5. Lancôme, Cartier and VanCleef’s WeChat Moments Ads Ranked Top in Q1

6. Internet space solution provider inDeco 领筑智造 received over 110 million financing from its series A and B

7. Road transport services provider duckbillscm 鸭嘴兽 completes tens of millions of A1 rounds of financing



1. Bytedance to invest $1 billion in India over next 3 years

2. Sequoia reveals first cohort for its ‘Surge’ accelerator program in India and Southeast Asia


Emerging Market:

1. Cybersecurity accelerator programme in Malaysia to offer US$48M to local talents

2. Indonesia-based online grocery platform HappyFresh raised US$20 million in a series C round

3. Video streaming startup Uiza raises US$1.5 M seed round through Surge

4. Singapored-based startup Glife raises seed funding to help remove middlemen between farmers and buyers


Cover picture credits to Nikkei Asian Review.

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