1. SoftBank-backed Nuro launches autonomous grocery delivery service in Houston
  2. HotelTonight, Slack stakeholder Accel stays on top with $2.5B fund
  3. AI photo startup Polarr raises an $11.5 million Series A led by Threshold Ventures 
  4. ProdPerfect, which automates QA testing for web apps, gets $2.6 million from Seed Round co-led Eniac Ventures and Fika Ventures
  5. UK startup Breedr raises £2M led by LocalGlobe for its livestock data and trading platform
  6. Microsoft launches Microsoft Game Stack which combines all of its company’s gaming-related products for developers
  7. Sweden’s AstaZero created self-driving highway software to produce safer roads for driverless car


  1. China Completes World’s First 5G-Powered Remote Surgery
  2. Chinese digital lender, Lufax, nets US$1.3b series C funding, brings valuation to $39b
  3. yiqiyin.com 一起印, an Internet printing and packaging platform obtained 60 million yuan from Series A funding
  4. 三感video, specialized in making short emotional videos, completes the tens of millions of A+ rounds of financing
  5. China’s e-commerce players, Alibaba, JD, Pinduoduo, and Vishop look to smaller cities to help drive consumption, growth
  6. Barclaycard and Alipay expand partnership for UK payments
  7. Proud Kids aims to provide online children’s English teaching for the 2nd to 4th tier markets


  1. Line Ventures to put in US$20M to back Thai startups
  2. Bangladeshi job portal Kormo enters Indonesia to provide access to informal sector opportunities


  1. China holds the highest number of blockchain patents

Emerging Market:

  1. Singapore’s Nutrition Innovation raises $5m funding led by VisVires New Protein, its first investment in a Singaporean company
  2. Philippine-based insurtech startup gets $1m seed funding from Sage Venture, Talino Venture Labs
  3. Hostel startup Tribe Theory secures US$739,165 seed funding from Aurum Investments


Cover picture credits from South China Morning Post.

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