1. HealthJoy raises $12.5M Series B to help employees make the most of their healthcare benefits
  2. Nvidia nears deal to acquire Mellanox Technologies
  3. At SXSW this year, Walmart bills itself as a tech company
  4. More Google Smart Devices Can Now Hold Conversations
  5. Apple could launch augmented reality headset in 2020
  6. Appen acquires Figure Eight for up to $300M, bringing two data annotation companies together
  7. Foursquare’s Hypertrending helps you spy on the coolest local happenings
  8. Over a quarter of US adults now own a smart speaker, typically an Amazon Echo


  1. China regulator approves 95 new video games, including from Tencent, NetEase
  2. Bike-sharing pioneer Mobike is retreating to China
  3. Shentong received Alibaba’s 4.66 billion investment
  4. Tencent launches its own live broadcast tool, Tencent Live, against Wechat official account
  5. Xiaomi’s New AloT Strategists to Put Bleeding-Edge Tech at Firm’s Heart
  6. Huawei Brings 5G to Port Near Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge


  1. India-based Affle buys Singapore’s O2O platform Shoffr


  1. Kakao’s Crypto Unit Raises $90 Million in Private Coin Offering
  2. Singapore Launches Maritime Blockchain


  1. 5G is coming to your smartphone but the big change is for industry
  2. Knowing Jolla, a Finnish Startup involves in smartphone business

Emerging Market:

  1. With these numbers, it’s no surprise SoftBank is investing in Latin America
  2. Singapored-based Fintech startup Silot raises $8m to help banks make AI-assisted decisions


Cover picture credits from reuters.

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