1. Mobile games to take over 70% of China’s gaming market in 2020

2. Chairman of ByteDance 字节跳动’s China business Zhang Lidong steps down as legal representative of

3. Bytedance 字节跳动 is hiring 10,000 workers as global tech firms slash jobs

4. Tencent 腾讯 bets big on AI development by investing in Qting Vision 轻蜓视觉 and Sinoits Tech 卓视智通

5. Tencent 腾讯 and Huawei 华为 join new national committee on blockchain standards

6. As sexual assault case sparks debate in China, Q&A platform Zhihu知乎 cuts adoption-related content

7. Amid university shutdowns, JD 京东 Digits forges ahead with campus-focused social app: Liwowo 梨喔喔

8. Meituan美团 challenges ecommerce giants with cosmetics, smartphone delivery

9. China’s bike-sharing company Hellobike 哈罗单车 denies removing rival Meituan 美团’s bikes from a street


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1. Singapore AI startup Digital Commerce Intelligence(DCI) providing ecommerce data raises funds to scale in SEA

2. African genomics startup 54gene raises $15M led by Adjuvant Capital

3. Indonesian logistics startup Kargo bags USD 31 million, sets up COVID-19 relief fund

4. Indian mobility startup Yulu partners with e-commerce companies to deliver essentials as lockdown extended partially

5. Indian Digital lending startup Capital Float raises USD 15 million



1. Apple opens access to mobility data, offering insight into how COVID-19 is changing cities

2. Google is lowering Nest camera quality ‘to conserve internet resources’

3. Amazon fires two more employees who were openly critical of working conditions during pandemic

4. Online luxury consignment retailer The RealReal lays off 10% of workforce, furloughs 15%

5. OpenAI launches Microscope to visualize the neurons in popular machine learning models

6. Fitness app Aaptiv raises from Insight Partners, launches Enterprise channel

7. Tech Heavyweights Launch Beyond Identity To Deliver ‘The End Of Passwords,’ Raise $30M Series A

8. Japanese AI startup Cogent Labs nets $13m to expand in Asia

9. College isn’t free yet, but Savi raises a $6M Series A to assist student loan borrowers find loan forgiveness

10. Truphone, a UK-based startup that provides voice and data services for phones, raises $38M at $516M valuation as its eSIM business crosses 4M profiles


Image Credits: krAsia

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