1. China tops the world in 5G patent filings, but grant rates are modest

2. China’s regulators launch ‘all-around’ crackdown on cryptocurrency

3. Smartphone maker OnePlus reports second data breach in 2 years

4. Major layoffs at online tutoring platform Vipkid in preparation for growth

5. Global travel culture and content platform Sanmao 三毛游 raised tens of millions in Series A

6. AI data company Xencio 见知数据 raised 7-digit RMB in Series A to provide cash flow management service

7. Children English enlightenment brand Bobi 波比英语 raised 20 million RMB in Series A round – the next step is to extend the product line and strengthen IP


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Mobile-only Markets:

1. India’s financial services firm Paytm raises $1B

2. Indonesian ecommerce giant Tokopedia to offer health products through GoApotik partnership

3. Indonesian ecommerce giant Tokopedia may secure up to $1.5b in fundraise before IPO, sources say

4. Payments firm 2C2P banks $52m to expand beyond Southeast Asia



1. Alphabet’s trash-sorting robots have reduced office waste contamination to ‘less than 5%’

2. Facebook trains AI to generate worlds in a fantasy text adventure

3. Facebook confirms facial recognition app, says it was only for internal use

4. Facebook prototypes Favorites for close friends microsharing

5. Tesla’s Cybertruck is made of the same stainless steel alloy that SpaceX is using for Starship

6. Tesla’s Cybertruck will have a solar charging option, says Musk

7. Tesla Cybertruck reservations hit 146,000

8. AT&T promises low-band 5G for 5 cities in weeks, 15 by early 2020

9. More than 1 million T-Mobile customers exposed by breach

10. VTEX, an e-commerce platform used by Walmart, raises $140M led by SoftBank’s LatAm fund

11. Coherence raises $2.5 million for open source platform to democratize connected game development

12. Razer Junglecat turns my phone into a Nintendo Switch for cloud gaming


Image Credits: Alphabet


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