1. Mergers and acquisitions will pick up in coming years as supply chains scramble to recalibrate after US-China trade war

2. ByteDance’s Douyin 抖音 to unveil a Karaoke mini app

3. Chinese property marketplace unicorn Fangdd 房多多 sets terms for $105m IPO

4. Social fitness app KEEP layoffs more than 300 people

5. Chinese home decor firm Kujiale 酷家乐 grabs unicorn tag with $100m Series D+ round

6. Tencent-backed database software firm Transwarp gets $71M fund from CICC-linked fund.

7. Emotibot, AI solution provider developing NLP-based interaction robots and emotion recognition system, raises $45M in Series B+ round


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Mobile-only Market:

1. Google India revenue drops by more than half owing to change in accounting method



1. Shunwei Capital backs Indian bike-taxi service Rapido’s $55m Series B round

2. Netflix launches $4 mobile-only monthly plan in Malaysia

3. Indian hospitality startup OYO Hotels launches Japan service

4. Temasek said to invest in Vietnamese logistics firm Scommerce



1. Google achieves state-of-the-art NLP performance with an enormous language model and data set

2. Google is training graph neural networks to predict smells

3. Apple seeks AR headset patent for clear lenses that can turn opaque

4. Fintech startup Revolut launches publicly in Singapore, signs deal with Mastercard

5. Verve, an events platform based around influencers, raises $60M and rebrands as Pollen

6. Very Good Security raises $35 million to protect companies’ private customer data

7. Grafana Labs nabs $24M Series A for open source-based data analytics stack

8. Mobile banking app Current raises $20M Series B, tops half a million users

9. Augmedix raises $19M to streamline physician services with automated note-taking

10. Ally raises $15M Series B to scale its OKR-focused service

11. Incode raises $10 million to verify identities with AI

12. Tonkean loops humans into no-code, last-mile RPA with a $7.2 million seed round

13. Cybersecurity automation startup Tines scores $4.1M Series A led by Blossom Capital

14. Boston-based startup Randori Recon announces first product that acts like a hacker to reveal your weaknesses

Image Credits: KrAsia

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