1. Dropbox expects drop in first-quarter operating margin, shares fall

2. Pinterest confidentially files for IPO

3. SoftBank is leading a $1 billion investment in logistics start-up Flexport

4. Apple, Goldman Sachs to jointly launch credit card paired with iPhone

5. South Korea’s Netmarble, Kakao, MBK bid for Nexon parent

6. Food-delivery company DoorDash valued at $7.1 billion in new fund-raising round, nearly double from six months ago

7. South Korea’s SK Hynix plans to spend $107 billion building four memory chip plants

8. Woowa Brothers, the operator of Korea’s leading food delivery platform Baedal Minjok, becomes ‘unicorn’ after raising US$320M

9. Personal homepage startup About.me acquired by mobile-first small business startup Broadly

10. HTC revamps standalone VR headset to keep pace with Oculus while it looks to big business

11. Loop acquires ScreenPlay to build its streaming library

12. Podcasting startup WaitWhat raises $4.3M as interest in audio content explodes

13. Zoba raises $3 million to help mobility companies predict demand

14. Clutter confirms SoftBank-led $200M investment for its on-demand storage service



1. Bytedance said to be sounded out by authorities about listing on Shanghai’s new tech board

2. Chinese WeWork Rival Ucommune Seeks $3 Billion Valuation in Nasdaq IPO

3. As shared kitchens heat up, a China-based startup, Panda Selected, nabs $50 million led by Tiger Global

4. Alibaba hits the gas on mobility as its bike-sharing service adds carpooling

5. Meituan-Dianping was ranked as the Top1 most innovative company in the world by Fast Company

6. Baidu under pressure to maintain pace of growth amid macro challenges and tough advertising market

7. FA service provider Huaxing Capital 华兴资本 will acquire ITjuzi IT桔子 (Rumor)

8. Chinese short-video app kuaishou 快手 forays into game streaming



1. Huawei to open first flagship store outside China in Vienna

2. JD.com’s drones take flight to Japan in partnership with Rakuten



Cryptocurrency companies use ‘backdoor’ listings to ease into mainstream


Emerging Market:

1. Food delivery startup Swiggy set to acquire Uber Eats in India

2. Oyo, Yahoo Japan to launch apartment rental service

3. 2 Singapore e-scooter firms face court charges for unlicensed operations

4. Singapore-based mobile advertising company Novosol has raised US$7 million in series A

5. Hospitality firm Oyo launches in Saudi Arabia


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