1. Nielsen: Americans are streaming 8 billion hours of content per month on connected TVs

2. Robotic Exoskeleton company Roam raises a $12 million Series A

3. Hulu with Live TV adds Discovery Networks programming to its core and add-on packages

4. Madison Wells Media Immersive is finally combining virtual reality and location-based immersive theater

5. Edtech unicorn Udacity lays off 125 people in global strategy shift

6. Anchor wants a future where everyone reads Squarespace ads

7. Sennheiser’s flawed headphone software opened PCs and Macs to HTTPS site spoofing

8. Facebook exempts news outlets from political ads transparency labels

9. Google Assistant will now be nicer if you say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’

10. Facebook considered selling user data to generate revenue

11. SoftBank’s ¥2.4 trillion IPO reaches retail sales target

12. Koo! is a social network for short-form podcasts

13. Agtech startup Imago AI is using computer vision to boost crop yields

14. Spike Diabetes applies social pressure to keep patients safe

15. Insurance app Lemonade prepares for European expansion

16. Insurance startup Bright Health raises $200M at ~$950M valuation



1. Hong Kong Startup Easyship , a Stripe for global e-commerce shipping, raises $4M

2. Meitu responds to infringement of user privacy: value user information and does not abuse data

3. Stock under Close Observation: RYB Education (红黄蓝), HTG Molecular Diagnostics (HTGM)

4. Oppo says it will share more info about a possible foldable phone next February

5. Percent(百分点) won 500 million yuan E round of financing [Big Data and AI ]

6. Compancies in Alibaba ecosystem spend about a month to invest 3.3 billion yuan in three new board market

7. High-end consumer brand service platform “youhaosuda (友好速搭)” to complete tens of millions of Pre-A round financing



1. Rlay offers a blockchain-powered platform to help companies build better crowdsourced data sets

2. Gravity Earth is using the blockchain to help refugees gain access to financial services



South Korea indicts group for allegedly leaking Samsung flexible display tech to Chinese company


Emerging Market:

1. Golden Gate Ventures to invest US$18M into Malaysia-based startups

2. FinTech StartUp Revolut is ready to launch in Singapore and Japan


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