1. Khosla GP launches Bling Capital to help seed-stage startups build products

2. Amazon’s Cyber Monday was the biggest shopping day in the company’s history

3. Amazon’s deal with WeWork to test Alexa in the workplace has been paused, but internal Amazon pilot sees quick adoption

4. YouTube and YouTube Music launch discounted subscriptions for students

5. VW turned its electric cargo van concept into a race support vehicle

6. Social music app Playlist lets you listen to music with others in real time

7. Turo’s new dongle will let customers instantly find and unlock cars

8. Keyto Raises $2.5M To Help People Stick To Ketogenic Diet


1. Tencent-backed online travel agency Tongcheng-eLong (同城艺龙) plans to use Hong Kong IPO to build brand awareness

2. Xi’an ofo original office clear out and multiple users came to ask for a refund

3. Long NIO – Pioneers in Premium-Class Electric Cars in China

4. Global Logistic Properties joins $216m funding round for Chinese logistics service provider

5. Received 10 million investment in Bilibili, wawayu(娃娃鱼) animation wants to build a comprehensive content company

6. Gongguizhijia(共轨之家) received a new round of financing from the Family Foundation(家族基金) [Auto Technology Service Provider]

7. Chinese AI champion iFlytek censors politically sensitive terms on its translation app

8. Chinese food delivery giant Meituan considers consolidating data from its different platforms after loss widens amid price war with Alibaba



Alibaba Group presents itself to Portuguese companies



1. Meet ‘Bitski’, the single sign-on wallet crypto desperately needs

2. Token platform securitize raises $12.7M USD in funding led by Blockchain Capital



1. Huawei might release the Infinity O display before Samsung (Rumors)

2. Oppo claims its upcoming R7 Pro’s battery can hold 40 percent charge in only 10 minutes!

3. Smartphone firms Oppo and Vivo invest on 5G


Emerging Market:

1. In Singapore, online shopping will soon be mostly mobile

2. IFC invests $40m in Filipino fintech player

3. Indian scooter startup acquires Ofo’s local assets

4. HBL is now providing instant loans through a touch on its mobile application


Cover picture credits from TechCrunch

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