Yoann Delwarde

CEO at Infinity Growth


French engineer, passionate about human interactions, Yoann started his journey in Shanghai about 5 years ago. He grew from a sales engineer to a sales director within those 5 years, multiplying the company sales turnover by 6 times. He is now leading a team of around 15 people from 5 different nationalities.

Business development is one of his passion, from the sales strategy to the final hand checking after the project is successfully completed. His clients are mainly International Fortune 500 companies such as JOHNSON & JONHSON, AIRBUS, VALEO, Chinese companies such as YANFENG or SDAAC and finally Chinese stated owned companies such as BAOSTEEL.

Yoann has also developed a passion for communication and leadership thanks to his Toastmasters (Nonprofit organization of 350 000 people worldwide) journey. His experience building new Toastmasters clubs, leading hundreds of members toward a common vision and finally being a workshop speaker (The power of coaching) in 2018 Wuxi conference in front of 300 people increased his confidence level. He believes that leading with earned authority is much more powerful than leading with formal authority.

Finally, Yoann is raising his awareness about his own life purpose. He believes in his moto: ‘I influence people to love more, do more, learn more and be free to live the life they want to live’. Involved in different projects with startups, meditation or trainings/coaching, he is now dedicated to make a difference, to help people to be better today than they were yesterday.

Keywords: Trust, Care, Help

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