Thomas Hayton

VP Sales, Marketing and Services for Taiwan and Hong Kong at Disney World of English

Tom Hayton currently runs Macmillan’s Asia business for its Global Education Group, managing teams spread across Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh and Bangkok. Formerly, he was based in HK as the Asia Director for Oxford University Press’s Global Business Development team, licensing digital content to the likes of Microsoft, Google, Apple and a range of emerging Asian hardware and software companies including startups.

As an entrepreneur, Tom co-founded and was eventually CFO of Pumkin Holdings Ltd, a HK entity with a team based in Taiwan, which produced online educational content for young learners via IPTV, broadband and now via mobile. The company, now branded Studycat, makes language learning apps that are currently iOS top grossing in more than 100 markets, with China and the US as the leading two. Tom remains a director of the company.

Tom has almost 20 years of experience in Asia and speaks Mandarin and Japanese and is a frequent traveler across the region. He’s married and has two small children.

Preferred title is “Director, Language Learning, Macmillan Education Asia”

Quote: “path’s should be laid where people walk, instead of walking where paths are laid-” from John Barth, The End of the Road. Remarkable writer.

Based in Shanghai.

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