Stephane Monsallier

Founder, System in Motion

After a decade in banking technology development, consulting and management, Stephane left his home country of France for Shanghai, China in 2003. He quickly put together an IT service company, to initially serve the international market rounding towards the local market later on. He is still managing System in Motion, through healthy & organic growth, constantly developing new partnerships, solutions and offers, to keep up with one of the most active and demanding markets in the world.

Stephane has been fascinated by technology since the age of 10, when he first learnt to code. He likes creating opportunities for young professionals, and enforces a strong management and coaching culture in his organization. Stephane maintains a passion for entrepreneurship and start-ups. He has experience mentoring early-stage start-ups and looks forward to continuing this work with Chinaccelerator.

Based in Shanghai.

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