Shaz Khan

Venture Partner at Equity Global

Shaz Khan is a globetrotting entrepreneur and Venture Partner at Equity Global, a transaction advisory and investment firm backed by the Abu Dhabi Government.

Shaz got his entrepreneurial start at a young age, building a dynamic cooking recipe app (Supercook) in his dorm room, which was successfully acquired. He later worked as a management consultant at EY Canada, and as an Associate at the University of Alberta’s Ventures Division. While at the University, he joined a portfolio firm, Tevosol, as Director of Business and Acting COO, co-leading the organ transplant device company to a successful $27M exit.

Shaz is passionate about the environment, sustainability, and hospitality – in 2017, he launched Pakistan’s first eco-tourist resort, the Hunza Glamping Resort. After rave reviews from customers and celebrities, Shaz has recently begun to expand the concept domestically and internationally. Shaz also spearheaded Tim Horton’s market entry into Pakistan, working closely with RBI to fulfill a childhood dream.

Until recently, Shaz served as an Advisor on venture capital and economic development to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. In this role, he was responsible for working closely with stakeholders to develop policies that helped foster a dynamic and efficient investment environment in the country.

Shaz’s next project aims to develop affordable field analytics technology for actionable farming insights. To this end, he is currently working as a Regional Executive with Agremo, a leading provider of agricultural AI/ML software.

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