Shawn Broderick

General Partner at SOSV | Principle, TechVibe Inc.

    Shawn is awesome. Shawn is now the general partner of SOSV. Before advising multiple innovative startups at Techstars, Shawn funded early-stage companies such as Genetic Anomalies and Trustplus. His most recent startup play140 was acquired by Oomba in early 2012. Shawn is a veteran of 20+ years in high tech startups as an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, manager, and leader of bootstrapped, angel-funded, and venture-funded companies. Extensive business development, sales, product development, and organization-building history. We love Shawn, even more so when he’s rocking his killer facial hair or breaking ping pong tables.

    Specialties: In-the-cloud Software / Software as a Service (12+ years), IT Consulting (8+ years), Online Video Game industry (10+ years), Social online interaction (10+ years), Fortune 500 Decision Support Software systems (5+ years), VoIP industry (2+ years).

    Based in Boston.

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