Sarika Tulsyan

Chief Revenue Officer at POPS worldwide

Having worked in the most dynamic markets of Asia (India, Vietnam, China), my career has been a great mix of global network agency and startups. I specialize in brand communication strategy and have worked across full service agencies, digital agencies, media agencies and now in the OTT space. I believe that the next level of evolution of advertising spends will go into Branded content and that is what will differentiate brands in the category leading to a shift from GRP fights to a more evolved form of engagement with consumers . Setting up new businesses and revenue streams is my passion and I have been doing that for last 15 years in 5 different countries. In this digital era my fundamental belief  is that ‘don’t try to do everything instead find strategic partnerships and a win-win collaboration to get your revenue rolling’.

Favorite quote: “There are two rules for success…  1. Never reveal everything you know..

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