Rose Huskey

CEO, South East Asia Wavemaker Global (WPP)

An international marketing veteran with over 23 years of experience, Rose is a lifelong-learner and inspiring mentor at heart – building and leading interdisciplinary teams driving integration and innovation to ensure effective business growth for clients in Asia since 2010.

Rose is passionate about the importance of having an inclusive culture, diverse skillsets, and equal opportunities and has been a driving force for promoting female talent throughout her career. Currently, she leads the Diversity & Inclusion for Wavemaker Asia Pacific and Campaign Asia – Women Leading Change. In this capacity, she delivers guest lectures for executives and joins as a speaker or jurist for various forums across Asia.

In addition to leading Wavemaker’s Singapore hub for international client services, she oversees the whole of the South East markets (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand & Pakistan).

Rose is responsible for managing and growing global relationships with key clients across Asia Pacific, including; L’Oréal, Tiffany & Co, Chevron, Huawei, Chanel, Jetstar, Philips and Netflix.

She is a Regional Board Chairperson of Advertising Bureau (IAB) for South East Asia & India – sharing her expertise and experiences in panels and discussions and contributing to the growth of the digital and technology industry.

Rose began her career in Vancouver, where she held positions at OMD and MW Media, before moving to Vietnam as MD of Maxus. She then moved to Singapore as Chief Client Officer for Maxus Asia-Pacific, where she led client engagement in 14 markets throughout the region. During this time, she developed a proprietary method for servicing clients that deepened relationships and improved profitability for both agency and clients.

Favourite quote: “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the world the ones who do” – Steve Jobs

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